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Aramis Interactive is an industry leader in customer acquisition and lead generation. The company’s ad serving strategy and its extensive publisher network enables marketers to scale with massive proportion and laser precision. With the use of proprietary big data technology and real-time consumer interaction, Aramis has powered hundreds of millions of profitable customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of numerous household brand names. The company is privately held and based in Annville, PA.

  • Building strong brands
  • Engaging customers
  • Result-driven
  • Future-proofing business
  • Performance-based marketing
  • Leveraging affiliate marketing
  • Client-centric approach

The Key People Behind

Jeff Usner
EVP Messaging Strategy

An accomplished leader, entrepreneur and investor in the digital marketing space, Jeff Usner is no stranger to what it takes to maintain a successful business and team. His expertise in business growth, data monetization, lead generation and sales processes led him to launch or grow several successful companies, including PushPros, Aimtell and Aramis Interactive — all acquired by Digital Media Solutions (DMS) in 2021.

Jeff’s reputation as a power player across the digital advertising industry is a direct result of his proven ability to produce results, drive revenue and increase production for online businesses. Bringing his expertise and natural leadership abilities to DMS, Jeff serves as the EVP of messaging strategy, where he is responsible for the company’s messaging and monetization strategies.

Kyleigh Ebersole
SVP Performance Marketing

A knowledgeable player in the martech and performance media space, Kyleigh Ebersole is as much a digital marketing expert as she is a mentor to many. Her ability to quickly and consistently adapt to the latest marketing technology and strategies has allowed her to aid in the success of several businesses throughout her career and established her position as a forward-thinking and motivated leader in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Kyleigh has leveraged her analytical mind to drive results throughout her career, holding influential executive-level positions at performance marketing companies Intela and Diablo Media, LLC. Most recently, Kyleigh held the position of CEO for Aramis Interactive — acquired by Digital Media Solutions (DMS) in 2021. Today, in her current role as SVP of performance marketing for DMS, Kyleigh brings her thought leadership and industry experience to drive and oversee the execution of standout digital performance advertising solutions for advertisers, publishers and the greater DMS organization.

Our Mission

Building brands for generational impact through customer acquisition


Our Strengths

Our ad serving strategy and its extensive publisher network enables marketers to scale with massive proportion and laser precision.

Our Three Guarantees


The Aramis difference is proprietary technology, fraud protection, and a 360 degree view of your audience.


Our Aramis experts know your business and will find the best opportunity for your brand.


Generating over 500k leads a day with self-declared insights, we’re sure we can match you to your target customer.

Our Team (6)

Ruth Delgado

Account Manager (7)

David Maisch

Business Analyst (9)

Paul Doan

Account Manager (10)

Morgan Philips

Marketing Co-ordinator

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